Providing real-time seismic monitoring solutions for oilfield and subsurface operations

Earthtone Monitoring Systems (ETMS) provides real-time seismic monitoring solutions near oilfield operations to meet regulatory requirements and provide operators with real-time data that can assess seismicity trends and allow operators to potentially modify operations to mitigate risks associated with seismicity.

ETMS deploys and operates real-time broadband seismic monitoring systems that stream the data back to our server where Clients can receive real-time alerts and updates regarding seismicity within their area of interest. ETMS staff or the Client’s Geoscience team can monitor the live-stream data during operations such as hydraulic fracturing or periods of increased injection or extraction to assess whether the operations are potentially inducing seismicity.

ETMS Professionals have over 35 years experience analyzing production records, injection volumes, stimulation records, geologic data and 3D seismic data volumes, which allows us to develop an integrated approach to assess potential causation of induced seismicity.

ETMS Professionals in partnership with GeoATX, LLC can also provide assistance with complex regulatory issues related to oilfield operations.

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