Providing real-time seismic monitoring solutions for oilfield and subsurface operations

EMS is a partnership between GeoATX LLC and Earthtone Monitoring Systems LLC.

EMS is uniquely positioned to provide seismicity mitigation solutions at all stages of development for saltwater disposal wells or carbon sequestration projects. EMS does not take the simplistic 2-D seismicity mitigation approach of drawing large circles around earthquakes to evaluate risk. Induced seismicity is a 4-D problem (X, Y, Z and t) and proper assessment of seismicity risks and mitigation solutions involves 4-D analysis.

• Mitigation of seismicity begins with site selection and zone selection. GeoATX utilizes the Kingdom Geologic/Geophysical suite and “Rock Solid Attributes” to review geologic data and seismic data in your area of interest and identify potential geo-hazards, faults or fracture systems.

• GeoATX can conduct fault slip potential (FSP) analysis to model future injection volumes and history match any previous seismicity in the area of interest.

• GeoATX can provide additional geologic or geophysical services in response to requests from Regulatory Agencies (RAD letter response).

• Earthtone Monitoring Systems installs, maintains, and monitors broad-band seismic monitoring stations in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Earthtone’s cloud-based server receives live streams from over 50 monitoring stations in the Permian Basin and South Texas which provides real-time alerts to Clients in our Network.

• EMS can develop seismicity response plans and best practices to mitigate seismicity that are customized to the Client's existing SWD assets and future development.

GeoATX has over 35 years’ experience providing testifying expert witness services related to complex regulatory issues and litigation. GeoATX offers prospect/project evaluation and other exploration geoscience services.

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